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Notepad Mockup Free PSD

In this post, Mockup+ presents to you a clean Notepad Mockup Free PSD which can be used to showcase your branding, logo, or graphic styling design in a much more realistic way. All files are in high resolution.

This Mockup has been created by So, this PSD Mockup represents a floating opened notepad with a pencil floating next to it, on a solid color background. Finally, You have a full control over all components. That’s it. Thanks, and enjoy.

Notepad Mockup Details:

  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • File Format: PSD – Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS4 & above
  • No. of Files: 1 File
  • Layers Type: Smart Objects
  • Dimensions: 6300 x 5500 px
  • File Size: 199.7 MB
  • License: Free

One of the most essential parts of every industry and business is the Graphic Designer job. We can see the impact of it almost everywhere. And to do that in a higher level of proficiency, a designer must use certain tools to make the task easier, not time-consuming, and also – the most beneficial of all – help him focus on the creative side of the task.

And here’s when the Mockup becomes so useful. This great tool plays an essential rule in the graphic design field. For that reason, it became a necessity for the publishing of any product a designer wants to showcase. And of course, it’s a huge timesaver, and that’s why we here, in Mockup+, are trying to gather the best sources of Mockups in the web to help you have less time searching for the best Mockups in no time. Each Mockup we post on our site is examined and hand-picked by our team to ensure a good experience for you.

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